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Fred B. Holt

Fred holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Washington, under Vic Klee, and an MBA from Seattle University. He worked for eleven years in Boeing's IT research groups, conducting R&D in data mining, computer networking, geometry, and new sensors. In 2001 he left Boeing to co-found a Seattle-area startup, which operated for four years. Fred joined University of Washington TechTransfer in 2005 and became Interim Director of the Digital Ventures unit in 2007.

Fred has published the following:


Helgi Rudd

Helgi is a system analyst and software developer. Helgi worked for 12 years in the corporate sector, primarily in the financial and legal sector. He developed software for a financial data mining startup company, has designed and implemented systems ranging from online loan calculators to real time mobile phone ticketing to dynamic database driven Flash sites and content management systems. In 2007 he became a freelance contractor, trading as HSHR Technology. Helgi continued his interest in Physics and Mathematics after studying Physics and Computer science at the University of New South Wales and whilst investigating Ulams Spiral he found the gap cycle patterns. Seeking a mathematical description of the patterns, he found Fred's paper Expected Gaps Between Prime Numbers.